From Rainbows to Cliff edges our experience and tips for you

So you are thinking about getting eloped on the coast, or maybe already have plans to and can't stop thinking about your day. Below you can read about our story, experience, and what we would recommend for you.

Brookings Oregon

First look

Our morning starts bright and early at six AM. We meet Anna and John just as they are starting to get dressed for their big day. The plan is to head down to the local beach for their first look, and take a couple of videos and photos. While still at the Airbnb we grab some getting-ready shots. Just as the sun starts to rise we take separate cars down to the beach. Katie was with John to get his reaction. As he was waiting he was nervous but really excited to see Anna. When she approached him he was waiting for Anna to tap him on the shoulder. He turned around and they finally see each other all done up. When they first saw each other their eyes lit up, and I believe John started to cry just a little bit. Their reaction was so sweet and so loving. After we did the first look we were all freezing and ready to go to our cars, warm up, and go to the next location. For filming the first look and most of the day Katie's using the Sony A7iv with the 35 1.4 gm. Shooting handheld to capture raw moments as quickly as possible. I'm running the Sony A7siii with the 24-70 f2.8 gm. I like to use a gimble but I have no problem running handheld. Below you can see a little of behind the scene. (now this is where the fun begins)

Headed North to the Secret Beach

Now that everyone is excited. It's ceremony time! We hike down a cliff to find the perfect location for the ceremony. Sun is peaking out to create the perfect light. Let us just say we got lucky with perfect weather all day. We set up our cameras and let Anna and John take the lead. Beautiful vows are exchanged and some tears too. After and rightfully so Champagne is popped. In the heat of the moment, I realized I left my phone in my car. After the ceremony John face times his parents. I use this opportunity to run a mile up the mountainside to grab my phone in order to fly my drone. When I make it back we capture some portraits as well as get some landscape shots. To wrap up the ceremony we signed the marriage license in the parking lot to make it official. It's more romantic than it sounds. Below are some screen grabs of the ceremony.

Toes in the sand

Now after staring at the beach all morning it's finally time to dip our toes into the freezing oregon coast. Big shout out to anna and john for having fun and getting a little wet, and running in the ocean. John ended up renting a really cool Jeep for their trip. On the drive up Katie hung out of my car's back seat to get some sweet rolling shots. We end up doing this again but in California. But you can read about that later. We get to the second beach of the day. Its time to get videos of the new married couple. Yes, it may be freezing out and some rain in the forcast but that didnt stop them from having fun. After we wrapped up here we were ready for some change in secenary.

Tree Huggers

When tired out from the beach we crawled back into our cars and headed south to California. Our desitination was Redwood National Park. If your are headed through hwy 1 it's a must stop. Inside you can find some of the oldest and largest Redwood trees on earth. When we got there, there was limited parking but we got lucky. All of us are now hiking through the forest and we were in awe. Anna and John looked amazing here the scenery complemented them so well. We only had a limited time in the redwoods. During the drive back we couldn't resist and had to get some more rolling shots of the jeep. Now I highly do not recomed this but if you need to... you can stand out through your sun roof to get video while your partner drives. "Since Brian can drive stick I got to have fun getting footage" Katie. I do not recomend this to anyone. We are trained professinals. As we were finishing up and leaving it started to rain. Of course we had to stop and get some more footage of them in the rain for a second. After that we packed up and booked it north to the Airbnb.

Time to Dance

After a much needed lunch and irish coffee to warm up at a local Irish pub we met back up with Anna and John. They where just finishing up there dinner and about to cut the cake. What I'm about to say next was nothing but a miracle. During our lunch it must have rained over three inchs. Thats a lot from what I hear. We head back to the Airbnb hoping it will lighten up for the first dance. Worst comes to worst I have rain covers for my cameras. We make it to the third and final beach for their first dance. When we unload the rain stops for a bit and the most beautiful sun rays start coming out. We get onto the beach and start playing music. This first dance has to be one of the most beautiful first dances ever caught on camera. Sun rays, a light rain, rainbow, beach, sunset, and immaculate vibes. Like I said before perfect weather. What else could you ask for. Just take a look for yourself. Truly a beatiful couple!

Tips for your enlopment

  • Go with the flow.

Its your day and you can do whatever you want without anyone else telling you want to do. Getting eloped can be way less stressful than throwing a big or even a little wedding. You can either have a small group of your loved ones or its just you two. You have the ability to get all of the photos and videos you want to without having to rush around.

  • Location

Pick YOUR dream destination. This is one of the best parts you and your partner gets to get married in a spectacular place. it will be one for the books for sure. There are so many places to choose from like Oregon, Yosemite, Whyoming, Utah, Carmel, etc. But make sure where ever you are going to look up the marriage laws its different everywhere.

  • Hire a photographer / Videographer or both

You are going to want to have the freedom to get all the photos and videos you want. Just imagine you and your partner getting the best footage in one of the most beautiful places ever. sounds fun huh. We are here to document your whole day and get whatever you want us to. Hiring professonals is the best way to go.

  • Make a trip out of it!

Especially if it is somewhere new you guys are going make the most out of it.

  • A budget is still important

People often believe getting eloped is free, unfortionally that isnt the case. But it is still cheaper than a normal wedding. You still have the cost of your marriage license, photographers/ videographer, officiant (unless your photographer/ videographer is ordained) , your attire, boquet if you get one, your wedding bands, travel costs, your food and drinks as well. Make sure you put out what your willing to spend.

  • Marriage license

Remember these do cost money but not a lot. Also make sure you get your license in the state you are getting eloped in. You have a small time frame from when you apply and get your license to get married in that frame. Dont forget to look up the laws of the state your getting married in. In the states of Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. you are able to marry eachother without an officiant and use your dog as a witness. But in other states dont forget to have witnesses (thats where your photographer/ videographer can come in for extra help).